Corral De La Cruz Theatre

Noises Off Meets A Dolls House in The Jester

The Jester will hit stage June 21st through July 3rd at Canyon Glen Amphitheatre in Provo on Mondays, Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays @ 7:30pm.

This tragicomedy, put on by Corral de la Cruz Theatre, lives up to its melded genre. Be prepared for gut busting laughs and heart stopping catharsis.

The Jester is a new play written by Eugene Shackspeare. Shackspeare says of his writing, “the life cycle of my plays are unbound. They were born in eternity and shall live on for eternity.” Alex Glover, a recent BYU graduate, directs. Bryson Smellie, Claire Eyestone, Meg Flinders, and Sydney Southwick star.

The Jester tells the story of a washed-up performer who attempts to put on a play with his disgruntled wife and the town drunk. Mishaps crescendo and relationships strain as their failures and triumphs draw to a climax. Will they be able to pull off a masterpiece? Or will the masterpiece pull them apart?

“It’s like a stew, one with a lot of different flavors that maybe don’t taste all that good alone but when you stir them together you actually get something pretty magnificent,” Alex says of the show.

Ty Hawton, producer of The Jester says, “We’ve put a lot into the show. It’s been a tough project but well worth the time and sacrifice. We’re happy to put on a great show for a great audience.”

Tickets can be bought online at for $10 or at the door. Half price children’s tickets (14 y.o. or younger) are sold at the door only.

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