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Upcoming Projects

It may seem we’ve been hibernating since the release of The Jester in June of 2021, but only the opposite is true. We at Corral de la Cruz have been cooking up some mean new stories to bring to the stage. One of these projects is Great Again*, the story of Athena’s second coming to regain her former glory and her relationship with an intelligent but perverse prophet. This story is being written by Aarron Repena. Aarron has spent most of his writing career writing for film and this will be his first soiree into the theatre world. We are so excited to introduce his theatrical writing to the world.

Our second story is Celestial Ridge*, a mystery thriller set in a fictional town in the early 90s of Minnesota. The story follows Sheriff Cottom, a Chicago cop who has moved to Celestial Ridge to get away from the violence and drama of the city, only to be thrown into a murder. A murder which not only involves small town political intrigue but also dealings with the demonic. This will be written by Ty Hawton. Ty is so excited to see this work on stage and can’t wait until Corral de la Cruz’s next show.

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